Maker of the Day!!!

Day 1

Petra Bishai

Petra Bishai

Petra uses the imagery of shifting sands to explore how we adapt and interact with a new landscape.  Transition occurs: do you go with the flow, do you contest the change or do you create your own pathway?

Day 2

Darja Nikitina

Darja_milkcanDarja_pulleys nl

Darja’s body of work is a collection of snippets from thoughts, observations and memories allowing the viewers’ create their own storyline.

Day 3

Sophie Hall

sophiehall 3sophiehall 2sophiehall 1

Coded Necklaces have messages concealed within their geometric structure. The ‘line and circle’ symbols represent different letters of the alphabet.

Day 4

Isabelle Busnel

Isabelle frog 1Isabelle frog 3

Contemporary twist to iconic pieces of classic jewellery by turning them
into magnetic silicone rubber brooches.

Day 5

Timothy Information Limited

Look at my Clock 2Look at my Clock 1

Jewellery for those that like red, black, white, plastic, metal, proto-situationist slogans and clocks that can be worn as badges.

Timothy will be showing his brand new work at The Other Art Fair this weekend at The Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane. Make sure you put this one down in your calendar…See ya!

Day 6

Buddug Humphreys


Buddug combines her love for drawing into wearable decorative objects, she does this through layers of enamel.

Day 7

Rachel Terry



Work produced typically places ironic objects in an ambience where the absurd and mundane coexist.

Day 8

Juliette Bigley

Juliette Bigley, 'Lucky for One', Brass, 90x90x90-150, 2013, 72 dpi (2)Juliette Bigley, 'Lucky for One', Brass, Detail (Cone-head set), 90x90x90-150, 2013, 72 dpi

My work looks at every-day objects, their forms and how we relate to them.

Day 9

Making Shapes

Making Shapes Made 13

‘However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results.’ Winston Churchill

Day 10

Ellie Corp


Connections between people or objects are forgotten or overlooked, however change our interaction and perception.

Day 11

Aneta Wrobel


Everyday, used and common but not as you know it.

Natsuki Sawai

Natsuki brooch1Natsuki ring


Urban investigation and the vivid character come together in Natsuki Sawai’s wearable sculptures.


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