buddug’s treasure hunt

1. Where did you end up?
I ended up at the bus stop (after going on my last clue which was go 1 stop on the bus) were I first started. Wasn’t much of an exhiting place really. But I enjoyed the journey to get there, I’m going to base my work around this theme, a loop, a circle etc.Cobining with the Hansel and Gretal’s journey.
2. Did you like the place/environment where your treasure was located?
No not really, only what made me get there…
3. How did you feel on your hunt?
I saw everything around me from a different angle, acting like a tourist, but really I’ve seen these landmarks so many times before.
4. Did you interact with anyone or anything on your hunt?
I was mostly alone on the trip, thinking and digesting the things I saw.
5. What treasure did you find?
Collection of inspiring imagery on the journey.


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